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Assembled Family Houses

Assembled wooden construction means in fact pre-prepared panels which are subsequently transported to the place of the construction. The house itself is then assembled on the foundation slab within a few weeks.

In the case of wooden constructions with a frame structure, the panels are made of wooden frames and crossbeams. The hollows are filled by insulation matter. Plaster boards are used for the construction of the interior space with outer insulation boards. Subsequently, any type of the facade may be used.

Thermal Insulation
Thermal insulation of enclosure walls of assembled houses based on wood is excellent. Specifically, the value is 0.19W/m2 K.

Delivery Time
Maximum delivery time is  90 days of the contract´s signature, two trucks are needed to transport one house.

Fire Protection
In the interior, plaster boards are used to cover the walls which are also a very good fire protection. They meet requirements of Class A2, i.e. they are non-flammable. Assembled houses based on wood being the system of light engineering construction reach good  to very good values of the fire resistance.

Service Life
A prerequisite for the maintenance of the service life of wooden constructions is the form of their facade. The wooden load bearing structure can last more than 100 years provided it is sufficiently protected from humidity. The wall composition of a modern wooden construction perfectly closes the space against the weather. From the outside, the wooden structure is protected against window and rain by plaster or wooden cladding. Internal walls are protected against humidity with a special foil.