>>> Water-Management Structures

Water-management structures are the main domain of COMMODUM, spol. s r.o activities. Within this branch, we perform:

» construction of wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems;

» adjustment of watercourses;

» construction of water reservoirs and water mains;

» construction and repairs of bank reinforcement.

For the given projects, we provide technologies and naturally, also the design documentation and engineering activities in the construction. We provide comprehensive land work, laying of piping and shafts, laying and welding of PE and PP piping. A part of the order is also the performance of services for the equipment delivered during its service life.


» 2011 (Ongoing Constructions)

»» Water mains repair, Jablůnka

»» »» Completion of the sewer system in the municipality of Horní Bečva

»» Construction work on the sewer system and the wastewater treatment plant after the floods, Kunín

»» Plane sewer system, Polanka (1st a 3rd stage)

»» Seninka (km 2,660 - 2,980)

» 2010

»» Sewer system, Jablůnka

»» Seninka (km 2,440 - 2640)

» 2009

»» Improvement of water quality at the confluence of the Bečva and Morava rivers (sewer system, Drahotuše)

»» Hajnušovský creek

»» Sewer system, Velatice

»» Semetín Bystřička I/57 - central sewer system

»» Rokytenka (km 7,897 - 8,100)

» 2008

»» Main sewer system, Životice - Bílovec, highway D47

»» Sewer system PHA CZECH Český Těšín

»» Repair of storm-water inlets, I/47 Osek – Lipník

»» Hutiský creek

»» Central sewer system, highway D47 Hrušov

» 2007

»» Kateřinický creek, Horní Bečva

»» Neratovský creek, Horní Bečva

»» Medůvka, Horní Bečva

» 2006

»» The clean river of Bečva - Group "A"

»» HB Střelenka

»» Sewer system and water mains, Ostrava-Hrabová

» 2005 - 2000

»» Reconstruction of the water dam of Bystřička, (Horní Bečva) Kateřinický creek, HB Kateřinický creek

»» »» Adjustment of watercourse – the Bečva river

»» Sewer system and infrastructure, Třinec

»» Sewer system and wastewater treatment plant Kateřinice

»» Sewer system and utility network, Vigantice