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Thermal-Insulated and Uninsulated Cabins

Insulated and uninsulated cabins have a modular structure which is intended for the realization of any layout and dimensional design according to the customer´s requirements. Cabins are assembled of standardized panels made of quality spruce solid wood. The base of each panel is a solid frame – skeleton covered by profiles also made of spruce solid wood on both sides, with inbuilt goosenecks for the piping according to the design. Wall panels are manufactured in thickness from 60 to 120 mm and a thermal insulation layer with vapour barrier may be added to them.  Cabin´s structure allows design of single walls without thermal insulation with thickness of 28mm made of spruce facing.

The carefully pre-prepared panels are inserted into a special frame structure during the assembly. The main load-bearing element is formed by shaped poles made of bonded spruce solid wood as well as the other load-bearing parts (joists, spars and frame structure). This secures their shape and volume stability against humidity.

The roof in the basic design is covered by planks and sarking felt. Based on the customer´s requirement, any roofing may be used (BRAMAC, tar shingle, burned roof tile, hand split shake...).

The advantage of the construction of our cabins and garden sheds is their very fast assembly, use of environment-friendly material and very favourable quality/price ratio.  Cabins are delivered without surface treatments but it is possible to impregnate them and perform the finishing surface treatment on the customer´s request.

Delivery Times
Standard not insulated: 4-6 weeks; standard insulated: 6-8 weeks; atypical: 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.